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Street Parking Close To Home

In some neighborhoods, finding street parking close to home can be a battle. If you want to entertain in your home, the challenge is enough for family and friends to make excuses. They love you, but hate the endless circling to look for parking and eventual long walk from their car to your house.

In communities around the world, street parking is a source of tension among neighbors. The general feeling is that that the parking spaces on the street in front of each house “belong” to the residents of that home. But that is not true.

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So who owns the parking space outside your house?

While it seems practical and correct that parking outside your house should be reserved for the residents of your home. After all, those spaces are most convenient, especially when you have heavy groceries to carry.

But the law in most countries does not support that. In fact, NOBODY actually owns the parking spaces. The right to use a curbside street parking space is the same for the home owner as it is for a neighbor, visitor, or service vehicle.

Read the Street Parking Signs

Many neighborhoods have posted signage that clarifies the parking rules. Ignoring the sign will most certainly get you a parking charge notice – a violation ticket with a fine to pay.

Typically signs give hours for permitted parking or tell you that a valid permit must be displayed.

If your street has official signage and someone is illegally parked, the solution is simple – call and report the infraction.

But what if there is no sign?

Home made signs

As tempting as it is to post your own sign on a tree or to put a pylon out on the street, your efforts to reserve street parking are not legally binding.

It is very important that you do not do anything to “enforce” reserved parking outside your home that will put you on the wrong side of the law.

A gentle approach is needed. Remember that you are not in a position to demand change. You can only ask.

These are your legal rights if someone parks in front of your home or in your drive (UK example)

No Parking Sign

So what CAN you do to make street parking easier?

It seems the best you can do, legally, is to ASK them to cut you some slack and ENCOURAGE them to park elsewhere. Since you can’t give them a real parking ticket or legally tow them, prank them!

Use our Neighborhood Street Parking joke notices to get them to think about how their parking choice inconveniences you. We can’t guarantee that behavior will change, but these tickets are a fun way for you to say your piece!

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