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Reserved for Visitors Parking Notice

A chronic problem in many high rise underground parking lots is residents parking in the visitor parking area.

The reason is not a mystery – Visitor Parking is often convenient to a door and outside of the security gate.  Who wants to wait for a gate to open, drive to our own parking space, then make the trek back to the building?  Visitor parking is much more convenient.

By-laws allow fines, but…

Keeping peace and a positive vibe between neighbors is important. Try the carrot instead of the stick.  The Reserved for Visitors parking notice is a more positive way to give a warning.  Just because you can impose a by-law fine or tow your neighbor’s vehicle doesn’t mean you should.

Repeat offenders are another story…we have tickets and stickers for that too!

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 3.75 in

Standard White, Bright Yellow, Water and Rip Resistant

Tickets per pad


Paper & Print

Add to the effectiveness of your warning ticket or prank with these awesome paper choices.   Don’t just use tickets printed on copy paper in your home ink jet.  These are way better!

Home and office printers typically use 20lb white copy paper.   It is inexpensive and practical, but also lightweight.

Standard White

The Parking Ticket Store uses a higher quality, heavier 28lb paper for the base ticket option.  This paper is more durable than office paper.  Nice stuff.

Bright Yellow

While not as heavy as the standard white paper, the enhanced visibility of bright yellow paper will make your parking ticket stand out from even farther away!

Water and Rip Resistant

Nearly indestructible, this poly never tear paper is the ultimate way to get message across.  It is waterproof, so it will remain crisp and clean even in a rain storm or covered by snow.

Lots of people respond to a parking ticket by ripping it up and throwing it away. Just watch them try!  The novelty of a parking ticket that can’t be torn up, even when wet, is sure to get their attention.

No Inks to Run

The Parking Ticket Store pad products are professionally printed in color with toner, not ink.  If your ticket gets wet, the micro-grains of powdered toner that has been heat fused to the paper surface will not run, as inks often do.  The toner is environmentally friendly and non toxic.  Best of all, the print quality is exceptional.

Parking Ticket Pads

Each pad is made up of a minimum of 25 parking tickets with a card stock base.  The tickets are bound together with a purpose made padding glue.  Padded tickets stay nicely organized and easy to access when you need one.  Each ticket is easy to tear off and ready to use.


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