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Reserved Parking Sticker Bundle

Every reserved parking space is marked by signage or a marking of some kind.  Violators can be costly to a business.  Enormous inconvenience is caused for disabled persons, business customers, car-shares, delivery drivers, valets, and others who rely on an available space.

Here is a simple, ready to use system to address violators.

Repeat offenders can be given a second list notice or a final warning.  In addition, your towing company can be notified to look for the final sticker to identify vehicles for impounding.

The power of your parking violation sticker is its visibility, not how difficult it is to remove.  The bright yellow color and 5 inch by 8 inch size make these highly visible from a distance.  A graphic of a car being towed says it all.

Reserved Parking Violation Notice Text

30 stickers in the reserved parking bundle say:

WARNING:  You are parked in a RESERVED PARKING SPACE.  Your licence has been recorded.  Additional violations may result in towing of the vehicle at your expense.

A bright yellow background with black text and red accents help to create a sense of urgency and gravity.

Final Warning Notice Text

20 stickers in the bundle make it clear that repeat offences are not tolerated.

FINAL WARNING: This vehicle is illegally parked and will be towed without notice and impounded at your expense.

There is a space to record the date issued and time.

The text is large and red to communicate urgency and seriousness.  Fewer final warnings are in the bundle as many people need to be only told once.

Both stickers in the violation list parking sticker bundle are sold separately in the store.  Use the Reserved Parking Sticker Bundle in connection with reserved parking warning tickets to customize your own parking notice system.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 8 in

Sticker Materials

Parking violation stickers are printed on a low tack, gloss vinyl, then cut to shape.  Each sticker comes on easy-t0-remove backing paper for fast installation. 

Sticker adhesive strength

The light adhesive makes the stickers repositionable and easily removable.  It will not damage the vehicle and does not leave any residue.

These are very different from permanent adhesive paper stickers that need to be scraped off.  We do not believe people need to risk damage to their vehicle or to become angry to get the message.

They are also in contrast to “Post-it” note style tickets with extremely light adhesive.

Water and weather 

Our parking violation stickers are completely waterproof.  They can be applied even to a slightly wet surface.  Stickers should not be applied in freezing temperatures.  Our inks are eco-friendly and scratch resistant.


Please note that printed colors may not be an exact match to product images.


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