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Disabled Parking Spaces are for Mobility Impaired

Thoughtless people think nothing of parking in a disabled parking space to “just run in for a second”.  While they deserve a penalty charge notice, this sticker may at least give them pause to think.

A Disabled Parking Placard is not a free pass

Sadly, people hang fake disabled parking placards on their mirror and happily park in those “super convenient” and extra big parking spaces.  Others, with a legitimate need for the parking placard, do not have a legitimate need for the marked space.

Disabled parking spaces are large enough for wheelchair users to get in and out of their vehicle.  Just “get in and out”, not “get in and out EASIER”.  The spaces are also more convenient to curb dips and free of other obstacles.

Extra space for access

Not everyone with a disabled parking placard needs the extra space.   It is meant for vehicles that are lift equipped or whose occupant needs the vehicle door to be open super wide to allow them room and a safe space to transfer.

An employee with a disabled parking placard who parks in the sole disabled parking space at a small business complex for a full day prevents access for customers with a disability.  We just need to think.

If you can walk without assistance, someone else needs the disabled parking space more than you do.

This sticker says it all:  You don’t want to be in my place.  Please don’t park in my space!


Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 in

20, 50

Sticker Materials

Parking violation stickers are printed on a low tack, gloss vinyl, then cut to shape.  Each sticker comes on easy-t0-remove backing paper for fast installation. 

Sticker adhesive strength

The light adhesive makes the stickers repositionable and easily removable.  It will not damage the vehicle and does not leave any residue.

These are very different from permanent adhesive paper stickers that need to be scraped off.  We do not believe people need to risk damage to their vehicle or to become angry to get the message.

They are also in contrast to “Post-it” note style tickets with extremely light adhesive.

Water and weather 

Our parking violation stickers are completely waterproof.  They can be applied even to a slightly wet surface.  Stickers should not be applied in freezing temperatures.  Our inks are eco-friendly and scratch resistant.


Please note that printed colors may not be an exact match to product images.


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